Doberman Service Dogs Welcome at Staples!

27 01 2013


How cool is that?!

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The Dobermom has returned!

27 03 2008

(Click on this thumbnail photo to see it at its intended size!)

I didn’t actually go anywhere, but due to a lack of time (with three Dobermans, who can blame me?) and some technical difficulties (first I couldn’t log in, then I couldn’t find my dashboard), I have not posted for several months.

Now, I’m back, but still having technical difficulties with posting my photos.  The above photo of Candy was originally 1.5 MB in size.  I resized it to 250 x 188 pixels (about 54 KB) using my photo editing software.  Then I uploaded it to my files here on WordPress.  But when I send it to the editor at full size, it looks like the original 1.5 MB file.  So I had to send it to the editor as a thumbnail instead, which is a lot smaller than I wanted it to appear.  But at least you can see the whole photo without having to scroll vertically and horizontally (and you still wouldn’t be able to look at the whole image at once).  I don’t understand why this happens.  All of the other photos I’ve posted successfully (that are mine) I think I linked to the medium size photo on Flickr.  This one I have not uploaded to Flickr yet.  What a PAIN IN THE BUTT!

I wonder if the folks at WordPress can tell me how to get around this problem.  A photo that is only 54 KB should not appear to be a few thousand pixels in size, right?

PS:  On March 30, Candy will be two years old — Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie!

Happy Halloween!

31 10 2007


Lea, the devil dog waits at the door for trick-or-treaters.


Candy watches and waits too, but without a costume — she prefers to go naked.

Move over, Michael Vick.

10 09 2007

Another inexplicable case of animal cruelty, this time by a Phoenix cop who left his canine partner in a hot car all day!  Sgt. Tom Lovejoy, of the Chandler police, reportedly left Bandit, his partner of three years, in the car for 10 hours, when the outside temperature was over 100 degrees (it’s Arizona, for chrissakes!), while he took a nap inside his house and went out to dinner with his wife.  Of course, the dog died, probably within the first hour or two.  A lot of the commentary about this event consists of indignant reactions to the slap on the wrist Lovejoy received (he was charged with only a misdemeanor of animal cruelty).  And rightly so.  A police dog is not just a valuable piece of equipment — he is an officer, and presumably one that is so dedicated, he would lay down his life for his partner.  I just never would have imagined it would be at the hands of his partner! Read the rest of this entry »

In the interest of dogs…

31 08 2007

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Here’s an interesting article by Malcolm Gladwell, writer for The New Yorker and author of The Tipping Point (mentioned in a post on my other blog), in which he discusses how dogs perceive our body language.  He uses Cesar Millan from the cable TV show, The Dog Whisperer, as an example.  I myself have noticed how perfectly Cesar is able to mimic the facial expressions and movements of the dogs he rehabilitates.  He obviously is in tune with the animals and understands that they don’t think or reason the way we do, although many humans refuse to accept this.  Just watch the show (on National Geographic Channel) and you’ll see.  But read the article first, so you’ll know what to look for.  I’ve just happily discovered Gladwell’s website.  He has a fresh and often fascinating viewpoint on an eclectic mix of topics, and I always enjoy reading his material.

Here is another article about the Michael Vick merchandise, in particular, the 22 dog-earred, chewed up Vick trading cards that went for $7,400 on eBay.  A comment in the article reminded me of Gladwell’s concept of “stickiness” and how it shapes Read the rest of this entry »

Agility classes for the enormous puppy, Candy

29 08 2007

I knew when she was a puppy that she would be bigger than the standard female Doberman. Her huge paws said it all. This is what she looked like at eight weeks old:

candys dukes

Now that she’s 18 months, she’s pretty much full grown.  At last weigh-in, she was 77 pounds.  She is beginning to scare people when they first look at her, just because of her size!  She is also quite powerful and agile. Read the rest of this entry »

What is a Vick trading card worth these days?

26 08 2007

Ha Ha again!  Here is more news on the most popular Michael Vick merchandise.  I absolutely love the idea of the Vick chew toys.  I wouldn’t buy anything, though, unless I was sure some of the money was going to shelters or other animal charities.